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Construction Dust e-Learning

Cost:  Distance learning - £20.00 + vat

Pre-Requisites: None

This training course provides information about the different types of dusts that can be found on construction sites; the damage to health that some dusts can cause; how to assess the risks and how to control them.
What will you learn: Construction dust is a general term used to describe different dust you might find on a construction site.  
There are three main types:  Silica dust – concrete, mortar and sandstone. Wood dust – softwood, hardwood, plywood and MDF.  Lower toxicity dusts – gypsum (in plasterboard), limestone and marble.  
This e-learning pack provides information on how to control the dust effectively and reduce the hazard to health.

Who is it for:  Anyone who is involved in general building or refurbishment work.

Where:  Purchase the pack from us and you can down-load and complete the pack anywhere, at your own pace.  Once you have completed the e-learning pack  you can download your personalised Certificate.

Call us on +44 (0) 1787 313137 to order and pay. The pack will then be available for immediate download.

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